Stating Your Case to Win RFPs and Grants

Yes, your organization is different. How can you make your client like different and your organization’s version of different? Let’s not get too bogged down in the details. Once you have established that your company may be a great fit for an opportunity, be sure to do more preliminary business development to help create a win for your business.

1) Understand the Clients’ Needs

2) Develop a relationship with the customer

3) Analyze why your firm would want to win this bid

This could involve explaining how helping the client is important to your business.

4) Analyze why your firm could not get this bid

Knowing the competition and how they are different from you should help you state your benefits to the client.

5) Are there other RFPs worth pursuing?

6) Would this change the company’s core client?

7)Would the return of investment be social or financial or both?

8) How much risk is necessary? Is this riskier than other past projects?

These steps and questions will help your company develop a simple pre-RFP plan to determine if this pursuing this RFP or grant is definitely worth it to you and your company.


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