Stating Your Case to Win RFPs and Grants

Yes, your organization is different. How can you make your client like different and your organization’s version of different? Let’s not get too bogged down in the details. Once you have established that your company may be a great fit for an opportunity, be sure to do more preliminary business development to help create a win for your business.

1) Understand the Clients’ Needs

2) Develop a relationship with the customer

3) Analyze why your firm would want to win this bid

This could involve explaining how helping the client is important to your business.

4) Analyze why your firm could not get this bid

Knowing the competition and how they are different from you should help you state your benefits to the client.

5) Are there other RFPs worth pursuing?

6) Would this change the company’s core client?

7)Would the return of investment be social or financial or both?

8) How much risk is necessary? Is this riskier than other past projects?

These steps and questions will help your company develop a simple pre-RFP plan to determine if this pursuing this RFP or grant is definitely worth it to you and your company.


5 Easy Ways to Find Grants

These days who doesn’t like to get money. This year, I have spoken to several individuals, companies, and organizations who want to increase their bottom-line with grants. There are several types of grants available (e.g. federal,state, and local government grants, corporate, and family foundation).  As long as you know specifically what you are looking for, it is definitely easier to find.

When researching grant opportunities, these five simple steps to locate the funding you need.

1) Determine the list of local grantmakers by creating use of grant funds. 

This may be the most intricate step.  Look for family foundations or local businesses that offer grants. Check your local newspaper and be sure to go online.

2) Contact local grantmakers.

Know if you need to submit an application or a LOI (letter of inquiry).  Also, determine the proposal deadline and the guidelines to the grant proposal.

3) Check with your local library.

Sometimes, your library may offer a grant writing course for no charge. Also, there are references and books available for you to find some great information about the grant proposal process.

4) Read books on grant writing.

There are several books available on grant writing.  I do recommend The Everything of Grant Writing Book: create the perfect proposal to raise the funds you need. 

5) Register with and other websites.

Taking these few steps can help you to easily locate grants for you, your company, or your non-profit organization.

Happy Proposal Writing!

Creative Technology Solutions is a business development company that assists businesses and non-profits with proposal development/management, grant/RFP proposal writing, and funding research. If you would like assistance with your proposal writing, please be sure to fill out the contact form and provide the details of your project.

Proposal Writing Templates—To use or not

Each and every RFP (Request for Proposals) be treated individually. Sometimes, a template should be used. At other times, it should not. Most RFPs could be a mix of templates and original material. When should templates be updated, each and every RFP. 

Ensure that the template contains pertinent to this client. As always, schedule a time to edit the templates and make sure that it flows with the other parts of the proposal. Determine the proper graphics to connect with the current writings. 

Templates help to reduce the proposal production time and allow your to express your solutions to your clients’ needs uniquely. You should be aware of your clients’ communication style. If they want facts, provide the facts. If they enjoy stories or share stories, then present your solution as a story (Their Story). 

Of course your company is original but just make sure your proposal states that from the clients’ perspective. Templates can help you do just that.Templates should make your Proposal shine


Creating Top Quality Proposals