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You value your time, energy, and effort. Do you know what your customers value in your business/industry?


Your proposal should illustrate how you plan to bring value to the customer.

Knowing what your customers values is more than just asking questions. It also involves listening and observing.  The client’s goals and objectives are known. That was the first question that they answered. Getting to understand the VALUE gets to the HOW. For example, how does the customer want to be perceived after the project completion?

Aligned goals and values may be what your client have. If the goals and values seem different then the you may want to make sure that you understand the requirements and needs of the RFP.  Look at the previous projects of the customers and their partners.

The proposal should include the steps that your business or organization will perform to create VALUE for your customer.

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Unspecified Details

Working with Proposal Writing Businesses

When working with any consultant, it is best to have the details available or at least easily accessible.  These are stated in the RFP or grant.The consultant may not have all the numbers initially to write the proposal so be prepared for feedback. Getting the details as soon as possible can help convey the clearest vision of your proposed project.

This anticipation is easier said than performed. Having someone who is available to provide these facts will help the proposal development process go more smoothly.  If your company has a statement of work perfomed that is qualified by the metrics of the RFP or grant, it is good to have the description of the project and the customer’s satisfaction/evaluation of the project before the proposal is even written.  In the proposal, focus on fulfilling the customer’s needs and measuring the performance of your work.  Make sure to schedule time to review the proposal with the writer before submission. Most of the details for the grant or RFP should be gathered pre-RFP.