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Proposal Writing Beyond the Basics



There are many sources of information available to guide you in proposal writing. Just doing a quick search of Proposal Writing on the web yield several results concerning proposal format, proposal templates, proposal software, and proposal sample.

Then, in your search you discover there are several types of proposals including sales, grants, and business. It can be a daunting task to figure out how to write a proposal (the type that you need and be able to utilize this before the RFP/grant is due). If you are finding that your organization needs proposal development assistance, the proper information has to be provided to the Proposal Writer/Manager to help the process along.

How will you know that you could have secured more funds and gotten more done with some outside assistance? 

What is the proposal threshold that your proposal can handle with and without the additional help?

How many more funding opportunities can be pursued if a professional can to help you and my company?

Has the proper relationship been establish RFP/grant release date? 

Have you established partnership or teams to assist you before the grant/RFP release date?

How much time is devoted to researching the client to ensure that proper communication is handled?


Your company know about itself does it know about the client. Be sure to request any helpful information as soon as possible.

Other websites can help you with the basics of proposal writing. Your company needs to know what proposal to pursue and which to pass or recommend to others. Helping organization expand grow their staff, and better the community through their work. The basics of proposal writing is not as in depth of what is needed for business development. There are strategies relationship building, and client management.

Reading the basics of proposal writing may lead one think that winning proposal have no errors—-especially grammatical ones.  That has never been true. Focus on what counts in the proposal. Proposal Development is still an art and not exact as science. Having processing in plan can help alleviate the guesswork.

At CTS, we know that your company may want or need proposal development assistance. We provide winning top quality proposals that are compliant and compelling. We simplify the proposal development process to let you work at what your company does best.




Unspecified Details

Working with Proposal Writing Businesses

When working with any consultant, it is best to have the details available or at least easily accessible.  These are stated in the RFP or grant.The consultant may not have all the numbers initially to write the proposal so be prepared for feedback. Getting the details as soon as possible can help convey the clearest vision of your proposed project.

This anticipation is easier said than performed. Having someone who is available to provide these facts will help the proposal development process go more smoothly.  If your company has a statement of work perfomed that is qualified by the metrics of the RFP or grant, it is good to have the description of the project and the customer’s satisfaction/evaluation of the project before the proposal is even written.  In the proposal, focus on fulfilling the customer’s needs and measuring the performance of your work.  Make sure to schedule time to review the proposal with the writer before submission. Most of the details for the grant or RFP should be gathered pre-RFP.